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  • The IERASG at the XXXII World Congress of Audiology, Brisbane
    The IERASG was prominent at the WCA held in Brisbane, Australia, 3-7 May 2014. The WCA program committee generously awarded the IERASG a Special Session organized and chaired by Council Vice-Chair, Suzanne Purdy with presentations by Council members, as below. The session was entitled, “The International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group: Past & future directions in auditory evoked responses”.

    The session commenced with an introduction to and historical overview of the IERASG and a discussion of future directions in assessment of auditory evoked responses by Professor Suzanne Purdy, New Zealand. Presentations that followed were:
    Auditory electro-physiology in clinical practice: New potential applications of old electrophysiological measures by Professor Jose Juan Barajas de Prat, Spain
    The role of evoked potentials diagnosis and assessing treatment outcomes in auditory processing disorders by Dr Mridula Sharma
    Electrically evoked auditory responses by Professor George A. Tavartkiladze, Russia
    Auditory evoked responses in children with auditory synaptopathy/neuropathy by Professor Martin Walger, Germany.

    Book of abstracts
    ABSTRACTS can be found online at:

  • The XXIII IERASG Biennial Symposium was held 9-13 June, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Canal and Bourbon Streets, New Orleans, USA.
    Program Chair was Prof. Cynthia Fowler (University of Wisconsin)
    and Co-Chair, Prof. Barbara Cone.
      Book of abstracts
       2013 New Orleans, USA - meeting summary by Barbara Cone
  • 2011 Moscow, Russia - meeting summary by Robert Burkard       PDF
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